Untitled (Erasing The Major Museums), 1996
Every aerial photograph taken in Israel must be submitted to an army censor for inspection in order to check if state military secrets have been disclosed. The censor then erases from the photographs the areas used for military purposes as well as facilities and institutions whose function is to enhance and protect state security. Photographers are forbidden to show these erased areas and failure to comply is considered a violation of state security.
Museums in Israel have ignored the political realities within which they are operating.  Not only have they not offered any resistance to or critique of the state ideology, but for the most part have supported and collaborated with government offices and the army. As such, museums are nothing but a disguised function of state apparatus and therefore should be officially perceived as military facilities.  I therefore decided, in compliance with army regulations, to erase museums, like other security sensitive institutions, so that their location will not be disclosed and state security compromised.

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